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Finals Day 2019

Article Date: Tuesday Tue 09 2019

A review of the annual tournament finals’ day

The annual tournament finals were held on the first weekend in September. The sun was shining and some fantastic tennis was played by our finalists. 

The day began with the doubles matches before an unexpected and almighty upset came along in the singles game. P Suart put up a valiant effort in defence of his men's singles trophy, but, after nine years, his power and might was overcome by a new kid on the block with a receding hairline and what can only be described as the beginnings of a middle-age spread.

  • P Suart and J Pindell came away with the men's doubles.
  • A Pindell and S Wilford won the ladies' doubles.
  • S Wilford won the ladies' singles.
  • N Williams won the men's singles.


Petworth Lawn Tennis Club Finals Day 2019

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